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ReadEsports is the world’s leading source for essential esports business news, insights, and essential knowledge. As the esports business of India, Our ultimate goal is to increase transparency and foster growth in the industry we love – esports.

As an esports company, our mission is to discover, create, and unleash esports enthusiasts and players in the country who ignite the industry with hope, strength, dreams, and inspiration.

ReadEsports will celebrate the passion and excitement of all things esports and bring the latest news, reviews, features, how-to guides, and in-depth stories on esports.

Our three goals are to Promote esports in India and increase its level of awareness, Improve the standard of Indian esports, and Inspire future talent.

ReadEsports is a digital-first, fan-centric esports media company, developing industry partnerships globally. We are one of the leading esports industry-focused platforms worldwide. Based in India, ReadEsports is an esports business news site, agency, media, and events company.

ReadEsports organizes community tournaments internationally and locally for gamers and enthusiasts along with Hosting online and offline Events, game launches, etc. We run esports industry events and have produced many esports PC games and Mobile games. We are the all in one stop for Esports content and real esports experience.

Our ReadEsports team has a passion for competitive esports and gaming. Working together with professional esports reporters, photographers, and videographers around the world, we are helping build our vision of a more exciting and visually appealing website for esports news and articles.

As the challenger in esports news coverage, we are uncovering the best esports and gaming stories to share with our readers to keep them informed. We feature the latest news stories alongside opinion pieces and interviews with those making waves in the esports business.

ReadEsports is a global partner for esports news coverage of leagues, teams, athletes, along with the people and the companies behind esports and gaming to share the excitement and rapid growth taking place around the world.

Focusing on the business aspect of esports, are part of ReadEsports’s efforts to provide further access and insight into key personnel, major stakeholders, and promising up-and-comers.

Acting as an agency, media house, translator, and mentorship group, Readesports will evaluate what you seek to do, propose the best fit, initiate the right contacts, and support you in the delivery of your plans.

  • Our ReadEsports articles are shared daily through the Esports website.
  • ReadEsports has some of the best creative minds so Content Creation is one of our strongest points.
  • ReadEsports acts as a Talent Incubator and helps budding esports stars as well as aspiring content creators in the field of gaming.

Whether that is connecting content creators to sponsors and helping them with their production or working closely with athletes to gain the proper training to compete in high tier tournaments, Readesports has you covered.

Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and more and more people nowadays are looking toward esports as a career option. ReadEsports has knowledge, resources, and accolades in esports and content. Readesports is the right catalyst to help you grow in both esports & content.

We also have a series of games advisers, who provide input and expertise to make sure we can support and understand each community effectively, and to keep us abreast of changes in the grassroots/wider scene across multiple games. This will help us with our future initiatives and ensure we’re considering the needs of the community.

We regularly speak to game publishers, tournament organizers, educational institutions, academic researchers, and others within esports as we work towards our Readesports core goals. We also liaise with schools and college institutions.

As an esports company, our aims are to support esports and provide expertise and advice. We are much focused on the grassroots level of the esports situation.

We do not want esports to be a rival to traditional sports, but we want it as a credible activity in its own right which can have positive cognitive and other esports benefits when done in moderation. It is undeniable that esports promote teamwork and communication, develop communities, and provides jobs.

That’s why we help to educate parents, teachers, media, policymakers, and the government around what esports is and what its short term and long term benefits are. We are working with schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to embrace esports and create some inspiring events and activities.

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