Best Tack Shooter Path in BTD6

Tack Shooters fire in an angle of 360° radius around it. To have the maximum DPS, you need to drop fire into some places which allows you at least 90% of tacks to hit bloons. Tack Shooters rarely deal with sharp projectiles which are depending on the path players choose and upgrade the Tack Shooter for this the chance to use the fire may damage.

Let’s talk about Tack Zone, Tack Zone is the Tack Shooter’s maximum path upgraded under the 3rd path, it also destroys the groups of bloons by covering the half-screen portion with tacks. Not only this, Tack Zone is one of the cheapest rank 5 upgrades in the game.

Tack Shooters normally have a short range, You can also improve their area damage by increasing the number of tacks fired in every shot. Moreover, it will start slower than a Dart Monkey and it can quickly catch all the standard Dart Monkey with more attacks by speeding upgrades.

What Is the Best Tack Shooter Path in BTD6?

Best Tack Shooter Path BTD6

As is with most towers there are three types of Tack Shooters which have their uses depending on what map players are playing on. It can though undeniably some of the upgrades can be used many times more than others, due to their adaptation of different functions.

After upgrading properly, the Tack Shooter is able to push an ungodly amount of Tacks into a very small amount of time. Tack shooters have the ability to shoot 360° around at the same time by making an outstanding under the heavy volume level.

The Tack Shooters’ have another validation that has effectiveness in their all upgrade 3 path. Likely, there are some of the lower-ranked entries on this list. There are times and places for all the upgraded 3 paths.
It can take all things into consideration, which will benefit you most but you can never go in the wrong Tack Zone upgrade paths.

Let’s have a look at all the three paths below –


The topmost & first upgrade path the player can choose while upgrading to a tier-5 Tack Shooter is known as the Inferno Ring.

Inferno Ring’s longer range and improved area damage make it more useful on more difficult levels, even at a higher cost like – most of the Tack shooter upgrades but the Inferno Ring is the best placed which is closest to the track paths and it may also help you to maximize its devastating flame ring strikes.

Players will first deal with the sharp damage to blooms when they are using a Tack Shooter with the Inferno Ring upgrade. The Tack Shooter will be a primary deal for the fire damages that are considered energy damage which means that there will no longer be able to devastate any Purple Bloons.

Therefore, The Inferno Ring has already gained a little range with its Path 1 upgrade to tier-5. Path 2 will have more boost than the Inferno Ring’s range.

At the end of Path 3, players will be dealt with additional damage the upgrade 1. The Inferno Ring will continuously chip at bloons while ensuring that they are not a threat to players.


Super Maelstrom is a lower-cost tower with a very large popping power for the popping balloons. Super Maelstrom is an effective and efficient tower. The Tack Shooter Race Events are the best place to use the Super Maelstrom ability. Also, it can rounds only at one time to eliminate the large number of blooms that are spawning.

The Path 2 Tier-5 Tack Shooter is far many different uses because it comes with an ability that players can activate in order to deal with global devastating. Also, Players can activate the Super Maelstrom abilities by every 20 seconds to deal with the 2 damages for each bloon that is hit by the global ability basically for being 4 waves of saw blade spinners. The waves of saw blades having unlimited pierce and can devastate every 0.0333 seconds.

While using the Super Maelstrom Track Shooter on a cross path, players should only choose Path 1 to increase their Tack Shooter’s attack speed because the bloons can be clustered near so there will be enough to be hit by most. Path 3 does not have greater damage.


Talking about the final tier-5 upgrade Tack Zone, In which players can need someone in hoping of destroying bloons.

The Tack Zone can shoot a staggering 32 tacks per shot. It also has a stupid amount of attack speed that is 0.2625 seconds. However, to maximize the capacity of the Tack Zone you have to buffs that increase damages, attack speed, penetration, and range that should be applied first.

The Tack Zone’s attack pace can be reduced to every 0.1181 seconds which means if a player wants to cross the paths with Path 1, that is the only viable way. The Tack Zone gains near-invincibility status when equipped with a Path 1 upgrade.

Startling to The Tack Zone can obliterate a number of MOAB-class bloons that will prove to be an extremely effective way to a defensive tower, In earlier rounds or where players need a bit of extra popping power against slow bloons.


Therefore, the players may find any Tack Shooters but players want to stick to Path 2 Super Maelstrom, or Path 3 The Tack Zones.

Using a Path 1 Inferno Ring which is an applicable way for the players who have not to protect against Lead Bloons, except for Camo Bloons and Ceramic Bloons. It is only possible for Path 2 Super Maelstroms to have a global range with their powers and also to tear all types of bloons including Lead Bloons. Players must use The Tack Zone to maximize DPS, which helps to fire tacks at an extremely high rate.

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