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If you don’t know about this gun, don’t call yourself, a true PUBG lover! M416 is one of the favorite guns for PUBG lovers. So, today let’s know our favorite gun which has saved us millions of times from the unknown traitor in the high-risk zones like Pochinki.

The HK416 gun, referred to as M416 in games, is an assault rifle designed and manufactured in Germany by the company Heckler & Koch. The design of the M416 gun is based on the AR-15 class of firearm. AR-15 are lightweight, semi-automatic type assault rifles. It is an advanced version of the M4 Carbine.

Heckler & Koch developed the HK416 for U.S. special operations forces as a serious product improvement of M4/M16-type carbines and rifles.

The HK416 uses the HK-proprietary gas piston system observed on the G36 and does not import propellant gases and carbon fouling back to the weapon’s interior, making it the foremost reliable of any M4/M16 type weapon.

The HK416 has been combat-proven in Southwest Asia and has also gained worldwide attention from military, enforcement, and security users.

It is the quality assault gun of the Norwegian soldiers, selected by the French soldiers to exchange the FAMAS, and was the weapon employed by SEAL Team Six to kill Osama Bin Laden.

As the leading AR-based piston-driven weapon, the HK416 (M416) is unequaled in endurance, protection, and precision. It is also the leading cost-effective AR-type weaponry when surveyed through a complete life cycle summary.

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The origins of the HK416 or M416 gun began with the belief of the deficiencies of the direct gas tube OS found on conventional M4/M16-style weapons.

Data from the users of prevailing M4/M16-type arms, high-speed video evaluation, and widespread live-fire experimenting in severe operational environments like the U.S. Army Desert workplace in Yuma, Arizona exhibited various areas for weapon enhancement.

Upgrades were executed to the internal OS and multiple components, increasing reliability in best and worst-case situations, with every kind of ammunition, with all barrel lengths, and including and without including sound suppressors.


The HK416 has a modified and tool-less gas regulator for suppressor use. It has a selector leveler for two different modes.

The fire and safety mode can be set using a hammer which can be moved in a clocked and unclocked position. It also has a feature called Over the Beach (OTB) Capability.

HK first started to advertise with the G36. It is a capability demanded by SOCOM in that the firearm must be capable to be harmlessly fired instantly after being withdrawn from a body of water. It has operating controls such as bolt catch, magazine release, safety/fire selector lever, and charging handle that can be used by the right as well as left-handed individuals.

The HK416 or M416 also has a winter trigger guard which is necessary for guns so that they can be used in harsh cold conditions.

The winter guard can be used with gloves and cold-weather clothing. A non-stop NATO-Stanag 4694 top rail for use of various mechanical and optical sights including night and thermal vision.

The NATO Accessory Rail (or NAR) is a new rail interface system standard for mounting accessory equipment to small arms such as rifles and pistols. It has a pistol grip with a storage section for field stripping tool and enlarged Bolt catch lever and protective barrier against accidental discharge which is designed for efficiency and comfort in all types of environment.

The M416 gun has an optimized receiver geometry, modified assembly interfaces, and improved receiver connections.

It also comprises of receiver extension to stabilize and accomplish drop test criteria under real conditions. The gun has increased magazine compatibility following NATO-STANAG-DRAFT 4179.

The magazines used by HK416 guns are M4 and M16. It has a 40 mm Low-velocity GLM/M320 interface and is compatible with the HK 40 mm low-velocity GLM/M320 and HK steel and polymer magazines. It also comes with a slimline telescopic buttstock.

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SERVICE HISTORY On the request of Larry Vickers, a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran, the United States Army’s Delta Force collaborated with Heckler & Koch to develop the new carbine in the early 1990s.

The HK416 was a joint effort by the United States and Germany to produce a more reliable and modern alternative to the M4 Carbine. During construction, Heckler & Koch benefited from experience achieved during developing the Bundeswehr’s Heckler & Koch G36 assault gun, the U.S.

Army’s XM8 rifle scheme which was later canceled in 2005 and consequently the modernization of British soldiers SA80 small arms family.

The project was previously called the Heckler & Koch M4, but this was replaced in acknowledgment of a trademark violation suit filed by Colt Defense. Delta Force renewed its M4s with the HK416 in 2004, The HK416 has been examined by the US military and is in practice with some enforcement agencies.

It has been utilized as the approved rifle of the Norwegian soldiers in 2008 and consequently the French soldiers in 2017 and is operated by many special operations units globally.

Operatives of the HK416 series involve France, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, and the United States. In the French military, HK416 has replaced the FAMAS set for special forces. The Germans have joined the HK416 to their special forces ranks as well as has Indonesia.

The Netherlands Army has patched their C8 rifles with the HK416 operation. Norway agreed 8,200 HK416 rifles in 2007. Polish army and security groups are retrieving the weapon too. The United States military and some picked security and police groups have been assessing the weapon.

Turkey will take on the license-production of the HK416 under the classification of Mehmetcik-1. It is deserving to note that several years before, the Heckler & Koch company, successfully improved the British Army L85 assault rifle and rectified a lot of its difficulties.


• The HK416 uses 5.56mm x 45 caliber bullets. Only Assault rifles use bullets of this size. AR guns also use 7.62mm caliber bullets.

• The width of the gun is 3.07 inches and 9.45 inches in height. The length of the HK416 is 37.05 inches which makes it perfect for use. The length is good enough to rest on the shooter’s shoulder which helps in absorbing the kickback from recoil

. • The weight of the gun with the magazine attached is 7.21lb in weight. The empty weight of an HK416 magazine alone is 250 g.

• The sight radius of the gun is 14.61 inches.

• The rate of fire is 700-900 rpm. The rate of fire is the speed at which the bullets can be fired.

• The magazine capacity or the number of bullets the cartridge can hold is 20 or 30 rounds.

• The HK416 or M416 gun has 3 modes of fire. The safety, semi-automatic, and automatic mode.

• The sights that can be used with the gun are flip-up Iron Sights.

• The stocks on the gun are retractable. HK416 got very popular after it was used to exterminate Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

Presently, the HK416 is a powerful and dependable rifle. Numerous military personnel, as well as law enforcement in the U.S. and overseas, adopted this gun. Many first-person shooter games such as PUBG adopted HK416 and its variants in the games. The name was changed to an M416 gun.

In PUBG, I have been in varied situations where I had to confront a squad alone. Be it Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, or Vikendi, the sole gun that got me the Chicken Dinner is M416.

It is the only Assault Rifle to provide 5 Attachments at once. It is oftentimes a massively preferred weapon amongst gamers for this purpose and may most typically be located in military loot zones.

The M416 is an assault rifle or carbine class weapon in PUBG. The M416 is modeled on the 14.5-inch barrel alternative of the HK416. While this gun’s classification as M416 instead of HK416 would indicate military usage inside the U.S. military, this is often executed in video games to evade copyright concerns.

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A tactical rifle based upon the discarded XM8-project essentially an enhancement of both the M16 and therefore the M4 Carbine. It combines the short-stroke gas piston system of the G36 rifle for more concise recoil and improved reliability.

It is approved by the militaries of various countries over the globe. In PUBG, it proves extremely recommended, thanks to the abundance of attachments it can acquire, providing a vast amount of versatility.

Contrasted to the other 5.56mm assault rifles, when the M416 in its unmodified state, it is moderately associated with the SCAR-L besides its somewhat faster rate of fire. But its powerful points are that it can receive the foremost modifications of any of the assault rifles.

It accepts muzzle, magazine, stock, lower, and upper rail attachments, also possessing outstanding stability, only surpassed by the AUG. A completely modified M416 has low recoil which allows it to possess a stable, fully automatic fire, even with a 4x Scope connected.

The M416 will deal with the very best damage at 60 meters, with damage reaching a maximum of 445 meters. Attach a 4x scope, magazine extender to get an efficient automatic rifle for long-range kills.

The M416 is the second-best assault rifle and continues to receive the crown of the lowest recoil of an AR when it is stocked. New players should pick it up if they require something simplistic yet powerful to use.

In the game PUBG, this gun is often mentioned as an M4 even though both rifles have very limited in general, although this is solely for primitives and pace.

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