20 Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 (CSGO)

The top most popular Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter game of the decade. In Global Offensive, players may explore many different maps and locations. However, The Dust 2 game in CS GO is popular among people because it provides you with a basic but enjoyable formation for both beginners and experienced players.

Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in video games in the first shooter game of Counter-Strike in the Global Offensive. When players get into a competitive queue in the game, there is a higher possibility that they end up playing on Dust 2.

For this, we’ve assembled the best smoke spots of Dust 2. Some of the best smoke can help you in crossing areas or sites. So let’s look at different smokes of different sites.

Best Spots – A Site

The top best smoke spots for Dust 2 is A site. You can own site A with the help of these smokes, driving your enemy back. You can look below at the different smokes.

1. Long Corner Smoke

The first and topmost smoke of site A is long corner smoke, it helps you in the smoke spot if you want to push A Long.

To use this long corner smoke, you need to line yourself up in the left back corner of the car in T-Spawn.
You will want to then bring your crosshair up almost to the top right corner of the A door’s archway. You have to line it up on the edge of the archway. After it, Just let it go once you have to line up. You should smoke off the corner that CTs will hold coming out of A Long Doors.

2. Long Cross Smoke

3. Let’s look at the second smoke which is Long Cross Smoke. Long cross smoke helps when you’re multiple players and communication networks are good.

To use it, You have to arrive at the place fairly fast by smoking, then cross it. After using this smoke you can save both CT spawn and CatWalk. Players need to assure that their network must be good with a good headset for a great experience.

3. CT Smoke

So talking about our next smoke that is CT smoke. This smoke is beneficial when a player wants to eliminate the CTs from a big area or site.

If a player wants to use this smoke then the player has to push it near to CT spawn. Most of the players choose smoking cross over CT because there is no one around and no one pushes out your smoke.

4. Car Smoke

Our next smoke from site A is Car Smoke. You can throw a Molotov grenade in the Car to clear it out enemies. Because of this players plays it while saving round.

By throwing a smoke in the car and after that you have to pair with another CT to find a safe path in the area.

5. A Plant Site Smoke

Our next smoke is A Plant Site Smoke. This smoke can be used by your team to cover while exploding the bomb.

CT helps you to cover the area around you while you didn’t have any guards at A Long Doors. A long may be killed if your planter is out of the shelter and this smoke provides protection from A Plant Site.

6. Long Doors Smoke

The next smoke is Long Door Smoke which helps your team. If they want to play aggressively on A site, then you can use long-door smoke for the teammate.

This allows them to get the benefit over their enemies and it also helps to avoid rush and teammates can also get a good position.

7. CatWalk Smoke

Moving on next smoke i.e. CatWalk Smoke. This smoke is best known for defense as it provides different defense abilities.

It completely blocks all the catwalks till the enemies push them further out. It helps you to see your enemy for a time and the enemy will be pushed through smoke with uncertainty.

B Site

After knowing about the best Site A smokes, Let’s look at the best smoke spots for Dust 2’s B site. There are many great smokes available and different ways to utilize them.

1. B Window Smoke

The first smoke of Site B is B Window Smoke. This smoke helps you to quickly peel at AWP-ers and also provides repositioning. It also provides you the chance to shoot in the head and fall straight to death.

This can block all the AWP-ers’ angles and it helps to secure the whole area or site directly and strategies with B door smokings.

2. B Doors Smoke

Our next smoke is B Door Smoke. The first thing that’s going to happen when the CTs on B-site hear the entirety of your team running through the ruins is a rotation. By this smoke if a player watches you can be shown at the B doors while shooting you.

3. B Platform Smoke

The next smoke is B Platform Smoke which is a good smoke for Lurk B.

This smoke can also boost you on the box just outside the tunnel. You just need to get behind the pillar in B Tunnel and aim for the tunnel heading into B then look for a small dot and left-click.

4. B Car Smoke

Moving on next smoke i.e. B Car Smoke helps you to retake the benefit of the B Car smoke. Most players play it from the B tunnel and the B car. This for the moment removes an extra angle that gives you some extra time to search the other corners. It can help to reduce clarity to the B site from the left side.

When you’re attacking, you can also take a B Car smoke but it can be difficult to throw from the T side. Instead of this, we advise you to simply POP flash out from the tunnels and perform a short survey of B Car.

5. Tunnel Smoke

Talking about the last smoke is Tunnel Smoke which is essential smoke that can hold crowds, and rushes and give you time for your team to rotate from the other site. When you’re in position and your enemies don’t know while they decide to push the smoke this smoke will help you.

Middle Area

After knowing about Sites A and B let’s know about the middle area. It helps you to enter tunnels that are blocked and also allows you to see the catwalk. Some are also useful when you’re pushing CTs aggressively.

1. XBox Smoke

The first smoke in the middle area is XBox Smoke. This smoke helps you while moving downwards towards mid doors at the T ramp. Players can jump high to A short known as Xbox Spot.

This smoke provides relief when the player can try from Top Mid to A short.

2. Left Side Smoke Mid

The second smoke of the middle area is the Left Side Smoke Mid that
can revolve it A to Mid by CT spawn.

Left Side Smoke Mid can block an area or site and your enemy can have trouble finding you. The constant rotation helps you in tricking your opponent and allows you to raid over them with the whole teammate at once while leaving the opponents with no chance to survive.

3. Right Side Smoke Mid (CT Smoke)

With the help of Right Side Smoke Mid help you to push to the B site from Mid Doors.

When you push out smoke then you can see CTs from A site as it can view from CT spawn and it can easily and quickly smoke to throw when you add up a value to your arsenal.

4. Mid-Cross Smoke

The next smoke is Mid Cross Smoke as this smoke isn’t as popular as it was because of updating to Dust 2
(Operation Riptide Update). This smoke helps to cross safely without being spotted by opponents from Mid or Catwalk.

With this smoke, you can easily cross to the B site from CT spawn just you need to throw this smoke at first. It is used when Ts can push up with mid or catwalk.

5. Bottom Mid Smoke

This smoke can help you to cross Mid Doors to B Tunnels through offensive CT smoke. Through this smoke, your enemies can be seized by pushing in tunnels.

This smoke can get easy frags and also helps to get your team members back. If B sites are entering, then it can help to flank and wrap the enemies.


In the end, we concluded the list of the top smoke places and aspects for CS:GO that you should know. We also read about different smokes of different sites and areas.

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