Manamune Kai’sa Build – A Complete Guide

Manamune Kai’Sa has been one of the most admired and favored posters of Season 11 and this blog will give you a complete guide on it and its modes of operations.

Theme Behind Manamune Kai’sa

The entire whole and sole purpose of Manamune Kai’Sa is to coordinate with you to reach your Icathian Rain and gain lots and lots of Mana which will help you to germinate and unfold your powers.

Also, it will allow making a supersonic gun which will be backing you in killing your enemies. Moreover, Manamune will also evolve into Muramana and will help to grow stronger and mightier in the game.

The potentiality of the GamePlay

Abilities: Killer Instinct (R) >Icathian Rain (Q) >Void Seeker (W) >Supercharge (E)

This is very much different from normal orders because over here we will be trying to go into a Hybrid build and maxing Void Seeker (W) second is much better for a Hybrid build than maxing Supercharge (E). 

In this game due to the large amount of mana due to Manamune, you will easily spam more Void Seeker’s (W’s) without worrying about mana and deal additional damage. 

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Choosing Hybrid also helps you in excellent ways in case of your Killer Instinct (R) has the greater potential power as compared to you, plus your Icathian Rain (Q) and Second Skin (Passive) will also have huge benefits.


Runes help a player in strategies and different abilities, Runes intensify and increase player abilities. There are several runes in the game which tend to increase players’ ability and strategy drastically. These runes are classified and categorized as primary and secondary.

Primary runes are Press the Attack, Triumph, Hail of Blades, Legend: Bloodline and Coup De Grace, Presence of mind and taste of blood while secondary runes are Magical Footwear and Biscuit delivery. Press the attack is the most powerful rune while coup de grace is the least in terms of primary runes.

Similarly, Magical Footwear is a powerful rune while biscuit delivery comes after magical footwear. These runes may be different in terms of power and specialty but all of these runes contain a specialty which other one does not. You may find one useful while others were useless. 

Press The Attack rune gives a player a special power of making an opponent vulnerable by giving the ability to hit 3 consecutive times. Press The Attack is very simple to use while being the most powerful. 

Triumph rune is very helpful when you are in the middle of a fight and want to restore your health. Triumph rune works as a medicine kit for your player as Triumph rune provides you 12% of your missing health. It may sound very less but it will be useful when you are in the middle of the fight.

Hail of Blades rune is by far the best rune option for Kai’Sa. It is an ideal option for Kai’Sa because of its short cooldown time and also because of its high attack speed.

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Press The Attack is also an ideal rune but in the early game time Hail of Blades in a way better than Press The Attack and more convenient too. The time duration of Hail of Blades is 3 short seconds but these short seconds are enough to dethrone an enemy because of how powerful the Hail of Blade rune is in the game.

The cooldown time of the Hail of Blades rune is just 8 short seconds.

Legend Bloodline rune is a very precious rune of the game. While it may be ranked after the Triumph rune but it is helpful in the long term. Legend Bloodline rune grants your player a lifestyle by taking down your enemies, which are helpful in the long run of the game.

Coup De Grace rune is ideal to finish low health enemies quickly as it allows to deal more damage to low health enemies. Thus, saving time and also energy to fight against enemies.

The presence of mind rune is a great rune for early game. The presence of mind rune helps you to restore 20% of total mana and increase by 100. Early takedowns provide you additional mana’s which will help you in evolving Q faster and in a more convenient way.

Taste of Blood rune is a healing rune. As the name suggests the taste of blood heals your player when you deal with damage to your enemy. Although the cooldown is of 20 seconds it is definitely worth in the early game and providing decent AD.

Taste of Bloods gives you 18-35 health based on your level with 20% bonus AD, plus 10% AP. The cooldown time of the Taste of Blood rune is 20 seconds. Thus, making it a useful rune in the emergency time.

Secondary rune Magical Footwear is something it sounds like, Magical Footwear rune gives you boots for 12 minutes and also makes you build boots faster. And, Biscuit delivery delivers you a biscuit every 3 mins but only for 12 minutes. 


There are in total two summoner spells and these spells are not only powerful but can be used as a defense too. The two summoner spells are Flash and Heal. They both can be understood by their names easily.

Flash spell: As the name suggests Flash spell is related to speed. Flash spell provides you with an impressively fast speed which you can use to secure a kill or uses defense to escape a gang or move out of the path of a skill shot.

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Heal spell: Heal spell is the best summoner spell present in the game. Again as the name suggests Heal spell heals your player and your support too. Therefore it is always better to use it for a dua lane.

Besides that, you will be glad to know that you will also get bonus movement speed, of course, it will not last long as it is for only 1 second but it can be used while chasing an enemy.

Items of Manamune League of Legends

Starting items are pretty simple yet useful throughout the game. In the starting, you have a choice of two items. You can select either Doran’s Blade or Doran’s Sheild. Both items are useful in their perspective but Doran’s Blade has an advantage over Doran’s Shield.

Doran’s Blade provides you with extra AD which will help you evolve Q. Other than that, if you feel that the enemy can conquer you easily then Doran’s Shield will be the best choice.

There are three types of items in the game:- First Back, Core Items, and Situational items.

First Back:- 

Pickaxe:- For a new build with manamune, A player needs to purchase a Pickaxe to merge it into manamune. You will get 2% of your maximum mana as a bonus. Pickaxe comes with a total price of 875 and sells a price of 613. Pickaxe also comes with a decent 25 attack damage.

B.F. Sword:- If you are planning to go for Stormrazer rather than manamune then B.F. Sword will be the best choice. B.F. Sword comes with a total price of 1300 while the selling price is a little lower than 1000 which is 910. It also comes with a whopping 40 attack damage.

Core items:-

Manamune:- Manamune should be your first build as it is the cheapest and fastest Q evolution. It only takes around 20-25 minutes for stacking and let’s not forget that Manamune gives you a lot of AD. Manamune is great because it comes with a total price of 2600, Recipe price 750, and selling price 1820.

It is worth it in every sense as it will give you a lot of abilities and synergies that you just wish for in the game. Manamune grants you 15 ability haste, 35 attack damage, and impressive 400 Mana. As we discussed earlier it also provides you a bonus attack to 2% of your maximum mana. 

Rageblade:- Rageblade is just another name which is made for Kai’Sa. But works amazingly on Kai’Sa. It grants you both AS and AD.

Rageblade also comes with high stats like Manamune like the total price of Rageblade is 2800, Recipe Price is 1100 and the selling price is 1960. Guinsoo’s Rageblade grants you 40% attack speed which is just marvelous and also a 20% critical strike chance.

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Zeal:- Zeal comes with three abilities for you, Runaan’s Hurricane, Rapid Firecannon, and Phantom dancer. They all contain some unique abilities, it all depends on the situation and you should buy any of them on a game basis.

Zeal comes with a reasonable total price of 1200, recipe price of 300, and sell price of 800. Zeal provides you a decent 18% attack speed and 15% critical strike chance and grants you an additional 7% movement speed. Therefore it will be your thief purchase or third big purchase.

Situational Items:- 

Guardian Angel:- Guardian angel is a defensive item that surely helps you defend against AD assassins. It is ideal not only because of its defense shield but it grants you amazing abilities like 40 Armor and 40 attacks damage and also recover your 50% of base health upon taking lethal damage in the game.

The only drawback is it comes with a total price of 2800, Recipe price 50, and sell price 1120. 

Rapid Firecannon:- In case you choose stormrazer, it will be the best choice to use Rapid Firecannon with it as a whopping 200 attack range can be increased with stormrazer. 

It comes with a total price of 2700 and recipe price of 800 and sells price of 1890. It provides 35% attack speed and 20% critical strike chance and also 7% movement speed.

Phantom Dancer:- The only item which provides a good defense with good attack. Phantom Dancer comes with a total price of 2900, recipe price of 1100, and sells price of marvelous 2030. Phantom Dancer provides 40% attack speed, 20% critical strike chance, and 7% movement speed for 2 seconds. 

Infinity Edge:- With the total price of 3400, recipe price 625, and sell price 2380 marks its presence by being the most costly item in the store. With the high price, it also comes up with 70 attack damage and a 20% critical strike chance. Not only that but it provides you with a lot of AD. 

Kai’Sa and Sona

Sona is the biggest support of Kai’Sa in the game, Sona comes in support with additional damage (Q), More speed (E), and Healing (W). If you are aware of the abilities you also may know Ultimate (R) which makes Kai’Sa combines all her abilities can make use of them.

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Stormrazer VS Manamune Kai’Sa

It is really hard to describe two of the best and pick one as the best. They both are important aspects of the game but Manamune Kai’Sa gets a slight edge over Stormrazer because Manamune Kai’Sa is not only cheap and fast than Stormrazer but with Manamune Kai’Sa you can accomplish Icathian Rain (Q) way faster.

On paper and according to the stats there is no comparison between Manamune Kai’Sa and Stormrazwer as Strormrazer is beating Manamune Kai’Sa in every stat comparison but when you look Kai’Sa alone, Manamune grants you the best value and not mention it is 800g cheaper than stormrazer.

Therefore, fewer efforts and more benefits with Manamune Kai’Sa. 

Another advantage of choosing Manamune over Highly powerful Stormrazer is that Stormrazer only allows you to utilize two abilities of the three but Manamune grants you to use all three of the abilities.

Manamunelater gives you a choice to upgrade manamune to muramana which ultimately provides you with more mana which is way powerful than stormrazer in the game.

In the end, it all depends on the position of the player in the game and how far a player has reached. Manamune Kai’Sa is a great choice and definitely valuable for everything but in the hard stages of the game, Stormrazer is an ideal choice because of its high power and powerful abilities.

Although you can match the power of Stormrazer by using different types of items and spells in the game. Therefore, Manumane Kai’Sa is an ideal choice.

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