What is Self Mitigated Damage in the League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. It is estimated that the league of legends game attracts 8 million concurrent users every day, and more than 100 million active players every month. This game was inspired by Defence of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III, and is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

It has been revealed that League of Legends is the most-played sport, defeating Fortnite, CS: GO, and Dota 2 in the list. This game has made its global presence at a very faster pace. Different abilities to try and action-paced features lead to the success of the league of legends. Self-mitigated damage is also one of the insights of the game which you can learn and use to dethrone your opponents or enemies. 

In simpler terms, self mitigated damage is the state of your reduced damage. It shows your technical skills to reduce damage. With the help of self-mitigated damage, you can understand how you are using your abilities and how you should use them to get strong in the game.

To be more precise, if your self- mitigated damage is less than 60,000, then you are not using your abilities to the full instance. To understand this better, first, let’s understand the gameplay.

The gameplay of League of Legends

This game comprises five players on one team and five players on another team. According to this game, one player from both teams is given the privilege to be a champion.

140 champions are in the game with variable strengths, weaknesses, and stats. Champion is the most powerful individual during the gameplay, they start their game with 1 point and end up levelling up to level 18.

The player gets levelled up by gaining experience, collecting gold, and killing units.

After getting levelled up, the champions unlock many powers and abilities which will ultimately strengthen your gameplay. The player at the higher level is much more powerful in comparison to the player at the lower level.

Players need to destroy the centralized building present in the centre of the opponent’s base after all the game is based purely on this. It is popularly known as Nexus and is located at the opposite ends of the maps.

Players are divided into teams, basically two teams of five players. Both teams started from the opposite corners of the game, also known as nexus.

The concept of the game is very simple, you need to destroy the other team in order to win the game. But, you can do so by just fighting and defeating them. Each team needs to work on towers, known as turrets. Each champion or player gains power by finishing various objectives that can be found in the way.

The player also earns gold to buy powerful and magical items to give an edge over enemies. Also, you should know how to use items as they all are specialized in something.

These objectives can be anything from opposite teams towers or killing NPCs such as minions. 

What are the Different Roles in League of Legends?

During the main gameplay, Summoner’s Rift map is always prioritized in League of Legends. It is divided into four sub-categories namely, the Top Lane (Top), Bottom Lane (Bot), Middle Lane (Mid), Bottom Lane in the Jungle.

Each player in the game is specialized in particular roles which are located at particular sections of the map.

All the top laners will take care of Top Lane, Mid Lanes in Middle lanes, ADC, and Support are present in the Bottom Lane. In this game, you can either operate alone or in a team.

What is Self Mitigated Damage?

league of legends self mitigated damage can be elaborated as the damages caused or prevented by the player with the help of their abilities, shields, and strengths.

Any prevention or damage caused by resistances like Armor or Magic resists, from your abilities namely, Lux’s Prismatic Barriers or the items such as Bloodthirster shield or Knight’s vow all are together known as self mitigated the damage.

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Apart from this, self mitigated damage can be done using Allie’s shields along with the abilities of these items. Any damage caused or damage prevention will be counted as your self mitigation.

All Sources for Self Mitigated Damage League of Legends

We have listed all the sources for self mitigated damage during the entire gameplay of League of Legends :

  •   Shielding spells popularly known as Nautilus’ Titan Wrath (W), Yasuo’s Way of the   Wanderer Passive, Azir’s Shifting sands (E).
  •   Ally shielding spells such as Karma’s Inspire (E), Lux’s Prismatic Barrier (W), Lee Sin’s Safeguard (W).
  •   Streak’s Gage’s Shield Passive.
  •   Knight Vow’s damage reduction Passive.
  •   Bloodthirster’s shield Passive.
  •   Seraph’s Embrace shield active.
  •   All the Armor Items.
  •   All Magic Resist Items.
  •   Locket of the Iron Solari
  •   Phantom Dancer
  •   Maw of Malmortius
  •   Barrier Summoner Spell
  •   Overheal Rune
  •   Guardian Rune
  •   Summon Aery Rune
  •   Mountain Dragon Soul

Self Mitigates Damage Calculator

The League of Legends ensures an easy mechanism to calculate the self-mitigated damage. In order to calculate the damage, you need to keep a count of the damage caused to your shield blocks.

After this, you have to calculate the number of times you have used the shield to protect yourself. We can find out the self mitigated damage with this method.

Till here the process is less complicated, but to get the exact figure you need to calculate the no of times Aly has used its powers and shields on your avatar or your weapons like Armor and Magic Resist.

Lastly, you need to count the number of times your resistances have saved you from the damages. All this makes the process a bit complex and time-consuming so the best way of calculating is to check your Self Mitigation Damage from the Post- Game stats portal while playing your game.

TFT Self Mitigated Damage

TFT stands for Teamfight Tactics, it is very much similar to the features of self- mitigated damage discussed above.

Shields from the classes, Origin synergies, Ally, Protection shields, and all other factors are available in the TFT Self Mitigated Damage.

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Almost every trait is similar in both the self mitigated damages. The only added advantage of TFT Self mitigated damage is the presence of Origin and Classes.

All Sources for Self Mitigated Damage in TFT

We have prepared a list that will be very much helpful in calculating the sources of self mitigated damage of TFT

  •   Locket of the Iron Solari
  •   Shen’s Ability blocks all damage in an area.
  •   Protector trait which gives a shield to all Protectors.
  •   Vanguard trait that gives bonus Armor to all Vanguard
  •   Rebel Trait which gives a shield to all Rebel
  •   Fiora’s Ability reduces incoming damage.
  •   Karma’s Ability gives a shield to a nearby ally.
  •   Malphite’s Ability gives him a shield.

How to do Damage Mitigation in League of Legends

Let’s look at in-depth how to do damage mitigation,

The amount of your health increases the flat damage, which is needed to kill your champion by 1 point. Similarly, the amount of armour flat physical damage is significantly increased by each point of armour.

Armour and Health

Armour and health together play a major role in the gameplay. The more the amount you have, the most valuable the other. In simpler terms, both are connected.

Now, if you want to increase the amount of flat damage, you need to have a mix of both. For example, If you have 50 health and 20 armour then you need to have at least 80 health with 20 armour to increase the amount of flat damage or you can increase the armour of your champion to increase the value of your health.

Let’s take some more examples to understand this concept better,

A champion with 0 armour and 4000 health can deal 4000 points of damage, similarly, a champion with 300 armour and 1000 health can also deal 4000 points of damage.


League of Legends is one of the best games of the decade and still more than 100 million players are playing league of legends with at least 8-10 million active players playing every day. 

But, with this much player base, you will get a major amount of professional players and streamers. Therefore, in order to stand against them, it is very crucial to improve skills and prepare different techniques. League of legends contains a vast amount of gameplay tricks and techniques that you can learn over time.

Self mitigated damage is also a part of a rare thing, very few players know. In that case, having a knowledge of self mitigated damage and things related or close to it is a big advantage. 


  • Is it necessary to know about Self-Mitigated Damage?

Yes, anything the game possesses is worth nothing, if you are a regular player or a fan of the game. Knowledge of things like self-mitigated damage will give you an advantage over your friends and enemies. Who certainly don’t know about that. 

  • How to calculate Self Mitigated damage easily?

You can check and calculate self mitigated damage without hassle. You just need to go to the post-game stats portal and there you can see your self-mitigated calculated damage with other important and worth knowing stats.

Even, if you don’t want to calculate self mitigated damage, you should check your champion’s stats frequently to progress better in the game. 

  • What are the ways to Amplify Damage?

Armour penetration, critical strikes, attack speed, and flat damage are the 4 ways to amplify damage. You need to learn all of the 4 ways, order to amplify damage. 

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