Advanced Valorant Strategies: Outsmarting Opponents with Mind Games

Valorant has grown stronger ever since its release in June 2020. There are different tiers of competition for all Volarant ordered from top to bottom ranks. Radiant, Immortal, Ascendant, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. Radiant is the highest rank players can achieve in Valorant’s ranked mode.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) assesses your level of play. It defines who you get paired up with and who you play against. MMR’s evaluation of your competence determines your trajectory toward achieving better ranks. Therefore, the best way to climb is with friends at a similar skill level who are eager to play a team setup.

Gaming Info

1. Agents

Agents are different playable characters. Each agent serves a different class with abilities. Amongst 21 agents, five are immediately available: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. Other agents can be unlocked from Tier 5.

  • Controller Agents– They are experts in slicing up a dangerous region to set their team up for success.
  • Duelist Agents– They are self-sufficient fraggers; their whole team expects skills and abilities to get high frags and seek out engagements first.
  • Initiator Agents– challenge angles by setting up their team to enter the contested ground and push defenders away.
  • Sentinel Agents– They are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks on attacker and defender rounds.

2. Maps

Each map is a playground to showcase your creative thinking. The purpose-built to create team strategies, spectacular plays, and clutch moments. There are currently nine playable maps in Valorant, with an additional one for practice and training new players.

3. Arselnals

In gameplay, Valorant weapons are used for every situation. Choosing the right weapon carefully is very important, as the wrong weapon may make you cash out during playtime, making you a less demanding player.

Advanced Valorant Strategies

Here will teach you Advanced Strategic Valorant Tips to Outsmart Opponents with Mind Games stated under:

  • Track Individual Performance

You must track your performance during the competition. Stay close to the scoreboard to gauge your opponents while synergizing with your teammates. If you master the individual mindset, your performance will accelerate.

  • Play in a Small Pool

Firstly, learn the 21 Agents’ rules to be a  better performer. Playing in a small pool helps you understand the mindset involved in each agent, from Brimstone to Gekko. Playing with all the agents is good, but if you like a few, you should try mastering them.

  • Start playing in Groups

You’ll find the game perks while playing in a group; you eventually understand the tactical heads used by looking at their performance; their weapon choices give you and others the understanding to play better.

  • Make clear Callout

Give an explicit callout whenever needed to perform well together. Make sure your team functions better during the ongoing game. As you move forward, look at the area you’re underneath the map to understand the areas much faster. Communicating the right time is another way to make proper callouts in clips and watch streamers play online.

  • Stay Calm while Winning or Losing

It is important to keep the morale of your teammates. Match defeats are a learning process. Staying as a good teammate is a sporting spirit.

  • Targeting the Enemies

Losing a few rounds in a game is a normal situation. You’ll understand the struggles to save funds for better weapons to compete, including bombardings the enemies. Staying in with less cash during the game creates a longer disadvantaged position. Being cashless can team break your enemy’s positioning during the game, giving you an advantage.

  • Practice before Jumping into a Ranked Queue

Staying active during the gameplay is only possible when you practice more. There’s a familiar proverb stating, “Practice makes perfect.” A good player must always be more alert than jumping into a ranked queue. Stay wiser before getting into the game.

  • Crouch, when facing good players

It is always better to take possible steps during gameplay. Crouching is a tactic to evade a headshot when you have no alternatives. It is better to crouch when you are facing good players.

  • Choose appropriate arsenal

Valorant is an incredible game of angles. The various types of weapons used, namely Sidearms, SMGS,  Short Guns, Rifles, Snipers, Heavies, and Melee. Choosing an appropriate arsenal or weapon for the required situation can be game-changing.

  • Unpredictability

Valorant is a fun game with an unpredictable twist during matches. You stay level up in the game following the swift movement your opponents couldn’t make out.


Valorant takes months to practice and understand all the gameplay essentials. However, we have mentioned all the Advanced Strategic Valorant Tips to Outsmart Opponents with Mind Games that can help you progress faster to become a better Valorant player.

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