Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform? [Here’s The Answer]

Wanted to play 7 Days To Die with your cross-platform friends? And searching is 7 days to die cross platform or not in 2024? All your queries are very well answered in this guide. So keep reading.

Is 7 Days To Die cross platform in 2024 is one of the biggest queries searched this year by many of the 7 Days To Die fans, and why not, everyone wants to play with their friends who are playing it on a different device? Right.

So let us get started with our guide on Is 7 days to die cross platform in 2024 and if it is then how you can join and play with your friends?

Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform?

So the answer to this question is that 7 Days to Die is a limited cross-platform game. That means it is cross-platform, but its crossplay is limited to consoles only. So if you are playing on a PC, then you can’t play it with your friends using PlayStation or Xbox.

But if you are using a console such as PS4 and want to play with your friend who is having an Xbox one, then you can easily crossplay with him.

So, it may be good news or bad news for you depending on whether you are looking for crossplay between a console and PC or not.

If you are a PC user then currently there is no official news from the developer’s end that whether they will make this game cross-platform in between the PC and PS4 or Xbox one or not. They may plan to make it completely cross-platform but surely not soon enough.

As per the many forum users, this game is very different on PC and consoles as they were developed totally different so there is no chance that they will ever be crossplay in between PC and consoles. But again, it’s all up to the developers whether they want to make 7 days to die cross platform in between PC and consoles or not.

Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform Between Xbox and Ps4?

The answer to this question is a total YES! 7 days to die is now cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4. So now you can play with your friends and enjoy the game. The game is recently made cross-platform in between the consoles that are, PS4 & Xbox One.

So you are lucky enough that this game is now crossplay in-between Xbox One and PS4. Now you can enjoy this game with your friends even on different consoles without any issues.

Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform Between ps4 and PC?

Sadly the answer to this question is a big NO! 7 days to die is currently not cross-platform in between PS4 and PC. So if you are a PC user looking to play with your friends who are using a console, then currently you cant play this game with them.

As I mentioned earlier the game is developed totally different for PC users as that of console users so currently there are no chances of crossplay in between PC and consoles. Also, it’s up to the developers that they will make it crossplay in the future or not, but until now, there is no such news.

So you cant play 7 days to die cross-platform between PS4 and PC currently.

Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform Between Xbox and PC?

Again the answer to this question is No 7 days to die is currently not cross-platform in between Xbox One and PC.

Currently, the game is only cross-play in between consoles, and not in between PC and console. So you need to wait until there is an official announcement for this, but you shouldn’t get your hopes high as there is very least chance of this game to be crossplay in between Xbox and PC.

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A Brief Overview of 7 Days to Die Game

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7 Days to Die Game

7 Days to Die is a video game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player must fight for their survival by gathering resources, constructing defenses, and fighting off dangerous mutants.

Most zombies are not humans transformed into monsters that are lurking around every corner of this desolate landscape. They are animals mutated by poor living conditions and contaminated water sources.

You start off as a random survivor in a world that is filled with dangers including zombie-like animals and other hostile survivors.

You can choose whether to play alone, with friends, or on a dedicated server.

The game is not difficult if you know what you’re doing. You will die quite often as the game randomly generates the world every time you start over, but that just means there’s always something new to discover and experience as you progress through this open-world sandbox survival game.

This game is not much different from other sandbox games like Minecraft. Although the game’s graphics are much better than Minecraft’s, but the controls take some time to get used to. You can still play with a controller, although it is easier (and more fun) to play with a mouse and keyboard.

If you are new to sandbox games, chances are you will die quite often. The game would be better if it had a more defined goal, but it’s still fun to explore, scavenge for supplies, build up your shelter and survive.

You will find weapons that can help you stay alive in this dangerous world. You can find them scattered around the map or on the bodies of previous survivors.

7 Days to Die is a great game for those who like to survive against all odds. It is not an easy game, but the more you play the more you will learn about it. If you are looking to survive against all odds, this game is for you.

The graphics of this game are good and yet, some of the characters (and zombies) look fake. Also, the first few hours of the game are too slow because there aren’t enough zombies on that map yet.

This game was developed by Fun Pimps and is available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and for PC platforms. You can get your copy of the game on Steam or from the Xbox Marketplace if you’re looking for one.

Things I Liked
  • Great graphics.
  • The game is fun and addictive.
  • The controls are good if you know how to use them.
  • There is a lot to do in this game – crafting, playing mini-games, trading items, etc.
Things I Don't Liked
  • It is difficult to find weapons and ammunition in many cases.
  • Some of the maps are not very interesting.
  • There are some bugs that can occasionally affect gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a good game for a beginner?

A: If you are new to sandbox games, this is a great place to start. There is no real goal-line in the game because you can restart whenever you want. The world will always be saved in a file that you can copy and paste into another world. During the first few hours of the game, be prepared to die quite often because there aren’t many zombies on that map yet.

Q: Where can I buy this game?

A: You can buy this game on Steam or on the Xbox Marketplace. The game is also available for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Q: What are the graphic requirements to play this game?

A: This game requires a 1Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM, but the recommended specs are more than twice as high. You will need at least an i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM if you want to take full advantage of this game’s graphics.

Q: How many hours of gameplay do you get with this game?

A: If you are just exploring the world, scavenging for supplies, building shelters and trading with other players, you can easily get more than 40 hours of gameplay out of this game.

Q: What are some popular servers that are already made?

A: You can find a list of popular servers here. You can also make your own server. This game gives you full control over it like most other games like Minecraft do.

Q: Is this similar to Fallout 4?

A: This is a much more difficult version of Fallout because there are no quests and no way to respawn if you die. Think of this as a much more difficult version of Minecraft.

Q: Can I play a campaign with a friend?

A: You can create a player that your friend can control. This way, you can play together. There are some other features in this game that allow you to play with your friends, but they may take some time to get used to.

Q: Can I create and modify my own character?

A: You can choose your name and choose to be a male or female. You can also choose your gender, but it will make no difference in the game itself because everyone is already infected with the zombie virus.

Q: Can I play this game with other players?

A: Yes, you can play multiplayer in this game. There are different multiplayer modes that you can use (or not) if you want to play online or offline.


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