Perfect Paradox God Roll – Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world. With nearly 100 million active players, Destiny 2 is the all-time greatest game of the past decade. But what made destiny 2 so popular? The fantastic gameplay and challenges are one thing but destiny 2 is popular for its wide range of weapons and how you collect/customize them.

There are a lot of weapons in Destiny 2 but the one type of them that everyone loves is the shotgun. And recently, the most loved weapon, The destiny 2 perfect paradox is back.

The perfect paradox is a type of shotgun and also a favorite weapon of saint 14. The perfect paradox is one of the best weapons inside the game because of its awesome perks such as deeper ammo reserves, temporary increased damage, and higher impact stats, just the name of a few.

Just by putting in a little work, you can get the god to roll for your beloved perfect paradox. But, before that, you probably need a Perfect paradox. First, let’s look at how to get a perfect paradox and how to get a perfect paradox god roll?

How to get a Perfect Paradox?

You need to finish the New paradox quest to get the new season of dawn version of your favorite shotgun. In order to finish the new paradox quest, you need to follow some steps. 

First, Pick the quest itself, After the sundial run, Osiris will offer you some more quests. One of them is named Phased through time, you need to pick it. 

Now, according to the Phased through time quest, you need to kill three bosses around the solar system. This step is the easiest of them all but also a little time consuming as you need to find the bosses to kill. 

After defeating three bosses, The Osiris will stabilize the phased object. Your energy patterns allow Osiris to do so. After stabilizing, Osiris will tell you what the object exactly is, go back to Osiris and he will find saint 14’s perfect paradox. Are you looking for the farm to table destiny 2?

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Here comes the most time-consuming process and also a little tough. Now, you need to kill a whopping 100 enemies with a shotgun, you can use any other shotgun also. Besides that, you also have to kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.

This step requires multiple tries. So, make sure you start this step when you have plenty of time in your pocket.

That’s not all, In order to restructure the phased shotgun, Osiris ask you to get components that will convert it to its real state. Now you need to complete the pyramidion strike attack in order to gather components.

Along with that, you need to complete five crucible matches, strikes, and gambit matches. There is no structure, you can play any mission you want to start first.

Here comes the last step, You have completed all the necessary missions to get the new season of dawn perfect paradox. Go back to Osiris and claim your new shotgun. 

Perfect Paradox God Roll

As you just got your super powerful new season of dawn shotgun, you can proceed to work on the shotgun to get the perfect paradox rolls. Shotguns in destiny 2 are the most loved weapons in the game because of high damage, low recoil, and taking out close enemies quickly.

And it will be cheery on top if you have perks on them. The perfect shotgun in the game is The perfect paradox shotgun and having perks on it makes a big difference. The god roll perfect paradox is the best roll in the game. 

Here are god roll perks for The Perfect Paradox Shotgun for PvE:-

  • Rifled Barrell or Full Choke
  • Extended Magazine, Appended Magazine, Tactical Magazine, or Extended Magazine
  • Demolitionist
  • One-Two Punch
  • Trenched Barrel

PvP players are also shotgun lovers, here are god roll perks for Saint 14’s favorite shotgun for PvP players:-

  • Rifled Barrel or Full Choke
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Slideshot
  • Rampage or Opening Shot

perfect paradox god roll PVP is slightly better perked than PvE, just because of a higher number of perks. The best part about achieving these perks is that you have unlimited tries to get them. Are you looking for the All Wishes for the Last Wish Raid?

Even if you fail the quest, you can retry to get the perks. Generally, the quest to get the god roll perks for both PvE and PvP are very simple and can be done at first shot. 

Perfect Paradox Stats

As we stated earlier, The Perfect Paradox shotgun comes with powerful perks such as deeper ammo reserves, temporary increased damage, and higher impact stats. But, these are not the only advantages of this powerful weapon.

destiny 2 perfect paradox god roll comes with Rapid-fire frame features that allow you to fire full auto and posses faster reload at the time of empty mag. 

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The perfect paradox also comes with a feature named Rampage, which allows you to deal more damage to your enemies whenever you kill an enemy with the shotgun. 

Besides that, The perfect paradox gives you:-

  • 65 value of impact
  • A whopping 70 value of aim assist, which is a lot more for a shotgun.
  • 68 value of reload speed
  • 140 rounds per minutes and,
  • 7 magazines

These stats clearly shows how powerful this shotgun is in the game. Are you looking for the Gnawing Hunger God Roll – Destiny 2?


1. Why Convert Perfect Paradox to Perfect Paradox God Roll?

There are a lot of advantages to converting perfect paradox to perfect paradox god roll. While The perfect paradox comes with high power stats, God Roll not only improves its weapon stats but also provides some amazing features. Extended mags will give you additional bullets while Rifled Barrell will give stabilization.

2. God roll perks are better for PvP or PvE?

God’s roll perks for both PvP and PvE are powerful and helpful. While both parks are different, they all play specific nature in making the shotgun powerful in their respective field.

PvP perks are based on gameplay for PvP game modes, Similarly, PvE perks are based on gameplay for PvE game modes. While PvP perks have 5 perks, PvP has only 4 but it does not make any difference in the outcome. 

3. Why Shotguns are popular in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is popular for its aggressive and fun gameplay. Often quest and mission require you to kill multiple enemies at once or an entire army of enemies by yourself. Shotguns are high on damage and less recoil.

Moreover, shotguns are an excellent weapon to kill nearby enemies with one shot. When an entire army of enemies coming close to you, you can’t win it by machine gun or melee weapons. You need a one-shot kill shotgun.

The only drawback of shotguns is that you cannot kill an enemy from a far distance or you will need multiple shots for far distance enemies.

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